Countryside vandalism

Government’s planning reforms leading to ‘vandalism’ of the countryside, Sir Andrew Motion president of the CPRE has said.

Sir Andrew, the rural campaigner and former poet laureate, warned that beautiful countryside landscapes “may one day only exist in the mind or on the printed page”.

He said that the Coalition’s controversial changes to the planning system have “created an atmosphere where all development is seen as good development”.

[quote float=”left”]National parks are at risk[/quote]His comments came in a report from the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), which found that the Government’s desperation to loosen planning controls to fuel economic growth is “damaging” some of the most beautiful parts of the countryside.

The study warned that the controversial planning reforms are threatening “national parks and other precious landscapes” despite “repeated assurances” from ministers that they would protect the countryside.

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Sir Andrew Motion makes his inaugural speech as CPRE President.
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  1. Oliver

    So if we build on our ever diminishing farmland where exactly are we going to get our food from?

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