Thank You – We Couldn’t Have Done it Without You!

It’s done. The Consultation on the Draft Horsham District Plan has closed and we would like to thank you all for persevering and completing a very complicated online form. We know it was not easy and we have informed Horsham District Council of our concerns.

LAMBS submitted our detailed response to the Consultation yesterday and this along with all the responses received will soon be made publicly available.

Your recent donations have enabled us to pay for the support of Planning Advisers and a Barrister which were vital in ensuring our response to the Consultation was professional and robust. We are still requesting donations whilst we finalise the invoices and are so grateful for every donation we have received to date. We apologise to those we have not been able to thank individually but if you do donate, please send us an email letting us know, so we can respond.

Horsham District Council have requested the Government reviews the timings for Local Plans and has asked to delay their Plan Process which is currently due in November. We will let you know the response from the Government.

Should Horsham District Council choose to include Mayfield Market Town in their final Draft, LAMBS will not hesitate in taking further action and we know how fortunate we are to be able to count on your support.

With best wishes to you at this very difficult time and we hope you and your families stay well.

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  1. Pam Hunter

    Well done for getting the response coordinated. I hope you will continue to complain to the council about their truly dreadful convoluted forms, no doubt deliberate as I suspect many people who had not seen the Lambs helpful guide might have given up and just not bothered! Who would have expected to have to go to Chapter 6 to find the appropriate place to make comments??

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