Success on the horizon, Mayfields NOT proposed for allocation

Success for our campaign against Mayfield Market Town’s unwanted and unsustainable plans for a new town on Henfield’s north-eastern border looks firmly within our grip. The proposed development site has NOT been recommended for inclusion in the Horsham District Regulation 19 Draft Local Plan.

What does this mean?

This means that Council Officers at Horsham District Council, on the balance of evidence, have decided against Mayfield Market Town’s proposal and that the proposed site is not suitable for large-scale development. HDC are recommending four major development sites – which include Southwater, Billingshurst, Buck Barn and land west of Ifield.

What happens next?

The Regulation 19 Draft Local Plan will be discussed at the next HDC cabinet meeting on Thursday 15th July. If the cabinet is in agreement, the plan will go to the full Council and then be published for a six-week period of public representation before being submitted to the Planning Inspector for an independent examination.

Our fight is not over, but we welcome this excellent news that shows HDC Council Officers have listened to the concerns raised by LAMBS and our supporters, local MP’s and residents.

We will keep you informed as the Local Plan proceeds along its path to adoption.


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  1. Margaret Lunn

    Excellent news. Thank you for all your hard work on our behalf.

  2. Susan Reid

    Well done to you all for the hard work on behalf of all of us in the area. Hopefully, this will be an end to the idea? But what about all the land purchased by Mayfield, until it is sold off then we will always be looking over our shoulders.

  3. Angela Sparrowhawk

    I was hoping this would be the case and I am delighted. The volume of traffic would be appalling. It has become heavier and heavier over time and the thought of another housing development would make it really impossible to tolerate. The pollution is dreadful now and would be a lot worse. Lambs has done a wonderful job and I hope we no longer have to battle to keep our countryside. Thank you Lambs!

  4. Deb Ping

    Great News! thank you to all at LAMBS for fighting the good fight for the residents of the affected parishes , let’s hope the end of Mayfield is in sight and we can once again live in peace in our green and pleasant area….

  5. Jeremy Teague

    This is excellent news. Thank God common sense has prevailed, mostly due to a great campaign put together by LAMBS. Hoping that the next stage will be as successful.

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