PREPARE FOR ACTION: Horsham District Plan and Mayfields Update

Happy New Year!

This is an update on LAMBS’ recent activities, and a warning that mobilisation is needed. Get your neighbours signed up to the LAMBS site. WE CAN NOT DO THIS ALONE.

Since the Public Meeting in June, LAMBS’ have ensured that Horsham District Council have enough evidence to show beyond reasonable doubt that Mayfields’ proposals are unsustainable, undeliverable and rejected by the local community so they would not be considered as part of the Horsham plan. To assist this we have:

  • Spent £30,000 on independent expert reports on Flooding; Transport; Visual Impact; Ecology and engaged a Planning expert and Barrister to explain to Horsham why Mayfields’ proposals do not meet the Government’s planning requirements. All these reports will soon be available to you.
  • Engaged with Parliamentary Candidates, all of whom supported LAMBS as part of their manifestos. Both Andrew Griffith and Mims Davies, the new MPs for our area, are engaged with the issue and Andrew has already raised building in flood areas in Parliament.
  • Supported the expansion of the Inter-Parish Group of Councils who believe Mayfields will adversely affect their Parish. The IPG now engages with 16 parishes from Hassocks to Poynings encompassing 27,000 residents.

On Thursday 30th January, the Cabinet of Horsham District Council are required to decide what sites to include in a public consultation which will run between 17th February and 30th March 2020. It is expected that Horsham will include 9 larger “Strategic Sites”, despite their expectation that only two will be required in the final plan. We are disappointed that Mayfields is still in this consideration, given that overwhelming professional advice (which has been provided to Horsham) makes clear it is totally unsuitable, but they have excluded no-one. In a public consultation YOUR response will be critical to guiding Horsham District Council’s final decision. A failure to respond, will be a vote for Mayfields.

Everyone may have different personal reasons to object; preservation of the Low Weald; local transport & air quality impacts; the increased flooding risk; or fundamental belief that Mayfields will not deliver effective housing where it is needed. Meanwhile:

  • LAMBS will continue to bring you updates as to what is going on and how you can help fight Mayfields, and remain active on Facebook and Twitter, to allow everyone to ask questions. It is likely we will need some further donations for what we hope is a final phase; but will provide a further detailed briefing in early February.
  • We expect that the InterParish Group will decide how best to assist residents to understand its views, share the evidence, and assist you to respond to the Consultation after their next meeting which is scheduled for 6th February.



Join the discussion and tell us your opinion.

  1. Julia Arnold

    Thank you Lambs for your very important work.
    You have our full backing.

  2. Dorothy Harrison

    Thankyou for your work I but am horrified by the number of people in Henfield who see it as a ‘done deal’ for Mayfield. I will spread.the word as much as I can

  3. Scilla de moraes

    Thank you LAMBS for all the hard work you are putting into stopping this project. If it goes ahead, I feel I will be living in Mayfield, as it is all round my house.

  4. Denise Woods

    100% against this huge development. What do you want us to do to help?

  5. barbara okelly

    Adur Residents Environmental Action appreciate how you feel that it is a “done deal.” We have been fighting against the building on the Adur floodplain of the New Monks Farm development of 600 homes, a warehouse and IKEA. Brighton and Hove Albion developers and the Conservative council have been absolutely determined to push it through showing no concern for the lack of infrastructure, the increased traffic from IKEA on the A27, the increased pollution, the deviation from the local plan and the relocation of the Traveller and Gypsy community to a more polluted noisy site without proper consultation. We are concerned that such a huge development will affect the river Adur and lead to flooding in our area. It’s a difficult struggle against developers who , in our experience, seem to call the shots and councils who ignore public opinion.

  6. margaret price

    Apart from all other considerations the rural roads simply cannot cope with the increased traffic such a large development would entail.
    The notion that the new town will be self sufficient and most people living there will also work there is totally unrealistic.

  7. Geoff Jewson

    If the developers don’t own about 50% of the site then surely a self contained development can only be a misnomer. Houses will be built on bits of land and they will have to rely on local facilities which are totally inadequate. We will simply be left with a sprawl ,liable to flooding and devoid of self containment.

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