Peter Freeman ‘Enemy of the Locals’ resigns from Mayfields to lead Homes England

Peter Freeman, founder of Mayfield Market Towns Limited has been branded the “Enemy of the Locals” by the Daily Mirror, as the news of his appointment as chair of Homes England makes headlines in local and national newspapers.

Mayfield Market Town’s plan to build 7,000 houses on pristine Sussex countryside has blighted the lives of residents of the Horsham & Mid Sussex Districts for over 7 years. The strategic site is one of several large scale developments proposed for consideration to Horsham District Council during its Local Plan Consultation.

Freeman has resigned from Mayfield’s board of directors, but remains an equal shareholder in the company. The value of Freeman’s shares are likely to grow exponentially if the development is allocated by Horsham District Council.

The Mid Sussex Times reports:

“The appointment was scrutinised by the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee last Monday (October 12), where Mr Freeman said he would be resigning from Mayfields’ board of directors.

However he would only divest his financial interest in the company in the event it is allocated and told MPs the project would not be seeking any Homes England grants before this time.”

The Daily Mirror Article:

Read the Mid Sussex Times article:

Watch Peter Freeman’s interview with the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee (Monday 12 October 2020)

LAMBS believes a clear conflict of interest has arisen and are monitoring the situation closely. We are urging all of our supporters to write to their local MP.

Find and write to your local MP here:

You may wish to Cc: Clerk of the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA or email:

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