Our Vision

LAMBS are not against new housing in Sussex – we support the development proposed by Neighbourhood Plans.

We oppose Mayfield’s unsustainable proposal that ignores and compromises our local plans. Under the Localism Act 2011 communities have a direct role in planning the areas in which they live and work through the involvement of councils, communities and individuals. The Act allows Neighbourhood Plans to be created by parish & town councils via consultation with local residents/businesses and referenda. A Neighbourhood Plan helps communities:

  • Develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood.
  • Choose where new homes, shops, offices and other development should be built.
  • Identify and protect important local green spaces.
  • Influence what new buildings should look like.

Neighbourhood Plans support appropriate new housing, not stop it.

Neighbourhood planning is about ensuring local residents and businesses have a say in where new houses are built, so that communities can grow whilst preserving what is important to the people that live and work there. Mayfield Market Town’s plans ignore the existence of strong local communities in Henfield, Shermanbury, Cowfold, Woodmancote, Twineham, Albourne, Blackstone, West Grinstead, Hassocks, Hurstpierpoint, Bolney, Ashurst, New Timber, Fulking and Poynings.

Mayfield’s proposal has no local support. The surrounding parishes have spent years developing Neighbourhood Plans, in conjunction with local communities, and have committed to new housing (for example Henfield Parish Council alone has committed to over 200 new houses by 2030). These community-led development plans enable housing targets to be met without destroying the local environment, character, infrastructure and amenity value of this beautiful part of the Sussex Weald.

LAMBS believes in community-led development and champions the powers bestowed upon local people and businesses in the Localism Act to influence planning in their area. Mayfield Market Town would have a catastrophic impact on all surrounding parishes – and would fundamentally compromise both the existing communities, and their plans for development. The rural communities that live and work in this area do not want to live in an urban town which is environmentally unsustainable. Our local Neighbourhood Plans allow for new houses to be built and for housing targets to be met, whilst preserving our countryside, the unique character of our communities, services and infrastructure. We are fighting for these plans to be honoured, so that our communities can thrive and not be destroyed by a profiteering developer whose only justification is provision of housing that is not locally required; and cannot be sustainably delivered.

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