Our reports on Mayfield Market Town… What do they say?

The Mayfield site doesn’t flood? Transport issues can be resolved? WHAT ARE HORSHAM COUNCIL DOING?

Last week, Horsham Council’s Cabinet approved a draft of the District Plan ready for the Public Consultation (starts 17th Feb 2020, ends 30th March 2020) with you – but forgot to include some huge health warnings.

Despite their promises, it appears that Horsham Planning Officers have NOT considered evidence provided by anyone other than the developers (including Mayfields) who provided much of the text. In challenges to misleading or wrong statements in the draft we have been told “that’s what the promoters say” – so only trust what is written about Mayfields, if you trust Mayfields themselves. We don’t – with good reason!

If you are more independent-minded then here are links to the LAMBS’ reports we have provided to the Council – please read whichever relates to you most, or the Covering Letter (download Covering Letter here) and Representation Report  (download Representation Report here).

Flooding – this is rated “neutral” (no, really) by the Council (sorry) Mayfields. If you live along the Adur and want to read the LAMBS report which highlights the flooding risk on the site and downstream, the likely impact of rising sea levels (the site is tidal) and of the Burgess Hill development click here to download.

Environment and BioDiversity – this is rated “neutral” implying that they can replace an environment which supports 18 red-listed bird species with houses and +10% biodiversity! This is not accepted by LAMBS or the Sussex Wildlife Trust, the Council’s partner. If you want to know details of the ecological richness of the area click here to download the report.

Transport – at least this is rated “unfavourable” which suggests “mitigation is possible”. We know Mayfields’ mitigation is that no-one leaves home. If you live in Cowfold, Hurstpierpoint or Hassocks, use a train or drive, already take hours queueing at junctions, then read what it could be like with another 17,000 residents by downloading our report here.

Landscape & Visual Impact – this is also rated “unfavourable” although it is not clear what the mitigation would be – perhaps Mayfields will now be built underground (or did we mean underwater)? Anyone who loves the South Downs should download and read our report here. 

Local Economy – The development is being promoted on the basis of minimal commuting but there is an established pattern of out-commuting from the district, which is likely to persist. New retail space is likely to divert expenditure from Henfield and the negative impact this will have on existing local businesses must be carefully considered. Download report here.

Land Control – As a result of consultation with landowners, LAMBS believe that Mayfield Market Towns LTD control less than 50% of the land shown on their plans. Download our land control map here. 

We expect that the Plan (with any revisions) will be finalised soon ahead of launch on 17th February. We will be providing further information about some of the other key issues including housing numbers and how to respond in the next week. Please share this post with those who may be affected.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of Mayfields is for good men to do nothing.” Don’t let it happen!


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  1. Jo Furniss

    I live on the edge of the proposed site. My garden floods with heavy rain. The clay subsoil stops the water dispersing. I rely on the fields next to me to soak up the excess water. If the fields become houses I think I’ll drown or need a submarine to get to work. Please help???!!!

  2. Doug Parrott

    It is clear that HDC are not addressing the main issues and the effects a development of Mayfields size would have on the surrounding villages,
    such as Henfield, Cowfold, Hurstpierpoint and Hassocks. The roads around Wineham, Twineham and Sayers Common are already at maximum loading during the rush hour periods.
    The infrastructure required i.e. New roads, road and housing drainage, new water, electricity and gas mains. This coupled with the sewage drainage required, and the bulk of this would be in the Adur Flood Plain.
    Why don’t HDC just oppose this madness.

  3. Angie Sparrowhawk

    I live near the Oakendene Industrial Estate on the A272 and have endured the massive growth of traffic over the last 25yrs since I moved to Cowfold. It has become more and more dense over the years and how the road and village would cope with more houses is an appalling thought. We have beautiful countryside which is being eroded and destroyed by greedy developers. Most developments build houses that are ugly, poorly built and very expensive. They have to be stopped at some point and I believe that this point has now arrived. Lambs have done a wonderful job and I will continue to support the essential fight!!

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