Murky Waters

The dark cloud of Mayfield Market Towns has returned this week unleashing a wave of fury from our MPs and some shocking stories of subterfuge, skullduggery and subversion of our democracy.

LAMBS has been investigating on your behalf and uncovered a new wave of unscrupulous behaviour from this troublesome company which we feel should be made public:

Horsham District Council have entered into an agreement with Mayfields to test the deliverability of a 10,000 home new town.

Horsham District Council have signed a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) with Mayfields that ‘considers information’ and ‘tests the deliverability’ of their New Town proposals.

What is most surprising is why a PPA would be relevant for a scheme that was not only rejected by the Inspector of the last plan in 2015 but also so obviously fails to meet the spirit or requirement of the revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

We have heard that Mayfields have paid £150,000 for this privilege and that the PPA was signed without the knowledge of parish or even district councillors.

We also know that HDC’s new “interim head of strategic planning” Trevor Saunders has connections with MMT’s founding Director, Peter Freeman. Both men are founding partners of the International Garden Cities Institute which has the objective to ‘assist in advocating Garden Cities as part of the solution to growth and generation needs.’. This may provide a clue!

Earlier this week our MPs, Sir Nicholas Soames and Nick Herbert expressed their outrage at the news. Speaking to the Mid Sussex Times Sir Nicholas said:

“The Mayfields new town is a wholly unsuitable proposal which has been repeatedly rejected, yet this developer persists in promoting it. It is extremely disappointing that Horsham District Council have entered into an agreement with Mayfields, and will be accepting payment from them, as the developer obviously sees this as a way of keeping their foot in the door.”

Mr Herbert added: ” By persisting with the Mayfields new town plan, in spite of having no local support, the developers are blighting the local area, They tried but failed to upset two local district plans, but clearly they are going to have another go. I have no doubt that local people will make their continuing opposition to Mayfields clear, including to Horsham district Council.”

LAMBS are meeting with HDC soon and will keep you updated on what is going on as we continue our effort to free our communities from this blight of Mayfields. Keep checking for updates!

If you have any information for us or can help us with much needed new funds then please get in touch!


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