MPs step down, but political opposition against Mayfield Market Town remains

Since our first meeting at Adastra Hall in 2013, LAMBS has had the vocal support of our MPs – Sir Nicholas Soames and Nick Herbert, but both are standing down at this election. LAMBS has written to all the Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to offer them a briefing on Mayfields and ask them their position – however, we have already received an unsolicited letter from Andrew Griffith, the Conservative Party candidate for Arundel & South Downs who clearly sees this as a key local issue. In it he states his personal opposition to Mayfield Market Towns and pledges his full support if elected.


LAMBS are also writing to our retiring MPs to thank them for all their support over the years and wishing them well for the future. Anyone who wishes to post their own thanks can do so in the comments section below. Both have provided their best wishes to LAMBS.


“It has been a privilege to represent the wonderful constituency of Arundel & South Downs for nearly 15 years, but I will always be a campaigner for the countryside and rural communities, and I know that Andrew Griffith, my successor as Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, is equally committed to prevent unsustainable development.

All power to LAMBS in its brilliant campaign to see off the Mayfield new town, and I will continue to support you to ensure that this cynical proposal which has blighted West Sussex for too long never comes to fruition.”

Nick Herbert


It has been an honour and privilege to serve the people of Mid Sussex, whose spirit is epitomised by the team at LAMBS.  I wish them success in their fight to shine a light on unprincipled developers, and ensure that our wonderful county is not blighted by unsustainable schemes like Mayfields.  I hope my successor will continue this support.

Sir Nicholas Soames



We hope to bring local residents clarifications of position from other Prospective Parliamentary Candidates as we receive them.



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  1. Hazel Smith

    Sorry to see Nick Herbert go, hope Mr Griffith carries on the good work .

  2. Christine Bailey

    I really hope that Mr Griffiths will be as helpful in stopping Mayfields disastrous plans as our outgoing MP’s have been. We really need to know where he stands, before the election, especially as all parties are promising a huge house building program in their manifesto’s!!

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