Mayfields Dubious Opinion Poll

Mayfield Market Towns has followed up its dubious Housing Opinion Poll with an equally dubious interpretation of the results.

The telephone poll has been widely criticised for being ‘biased’ – with many recipients filing official complaints, saying the questions were ‘not impartial’.

Mayfields has now published a characteristic analysis of the figures on its website.

However, LAMBS has discovered that not only is this interpretation of the figures highly flawed, but also the basis on which the survey was carried out.

Mayfield Market Towns used its sister PR Company, Meeting Place Communications to commission Ipsos Mori to carry out the poll on its behalf. But Mori’s Research Director, Stephen Finlay told LAMBS today that Mori researchers had been unaware of Meeting Place Communications’ close connection with Mayfield Market Towns. He explained that this information was vital to the survey’s impartiality.

MMT and MPC are intrinsically linked – with members of staff using both Mayfields and Meeting Place email addresses. MPC Director, Anna Sabine is also listed on Mayfields’ website as a member of the ‘Project Team’ and lives with Mayfields Director, Lee Newlyn.

LAMBS has now seen Mori’s official table of results, which in the circumstances we believe cannot be valid and should not be used as evidence of true public opinion. However, it is heartening to see the results show that, despite a series of leading questions, most people disagree there are too few homes being built in both Districts!

If you were asked to take part in the survey and would like to make a complaint, it is still not too late. The official channel is:

The Market Research Society
The Old Trading House
15 Northburgh Street
Tel: 020 7490 4911

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