Localism pledges are being undermined by planning decisions.

Beauty spots and protected areas of countryside are to be destroyed to make way for housing after Government inspectors overturned local planning decisions despite promises by ministers to hand more control to communities. Decisions by local councils to turn down developments are being routinely overridden by the centralised Planning Inspectorate.

The Sunday Telegraph discovered that several developments on legally protected landscapes, including greenbelt land, and areas of open countryside have all been approved by the Inspectorate under the National Planning Policy Framework, the previous Coalition’s controversial planning reforms.

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Nick Herbert MP comments : A Test of Faith In Localism

Unbalanced planning

Changes to the planning laws could have a devastating effect on Britain’s countryside

Research from the Campaign to Protect Rural England paints a more alarming picture. It shows that developers are – for rational, profit-driven purposes – prioritising greenfield over brownfield sites, many of them in highly sensitive or theoretically protected areas.


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Beauty reduced to bricks and mortar

National Parks, green belts and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are under threat as ministers ride roughshod over restrictions on speculative development.

Its name means “the fortress in open space”, but the ancient Gloucestershire wool town of Tetbury is now feeling besieged by bricks and mortar. In a new front in the Government’s determined drive to develop open countryside, Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, has approved two new housing estates on its outskirts.

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