Why is this location completely unsuitable for development as a New Town? Mayfield is not well planned. It is fundamentally flawed. Building in this location would create neither ‘high quality’ or ‘sustainable’, places to live.

It’s just not smart.

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  • It’s not smart to plan to build a New Town without a station or even a railway line, with all residents having to rely on cars to go to work.
  • It’s not smart to build in an area which alternates floods and water shortages? There is already a deficit in water supply in this area.
  • It’s not smart to build on a flood plain with the known risks from surface water run off from new developments.
  • It’s not smart to build a New Town concentrating 20,000 more cars to an already locally congested road network.
  • It’s not smart to build in an area where sewage is at, or near capacity, (even though many homes are presently not on mains drainage) without putting water quality at risk.
  • It’s not smart to concentrate an additional 30,000 people in one area, putting an unacceptable strain on local NHS, Schools, and Social Services.
  • It’s not smart  to plonk 30,000 new residents in the middle of nowhere, the only employment being miles away in other established villages, towns and cities (where the houses should be built in the first place).
  • It’s not smart to needlessly destroy thousands of acres of beautiful countryside and agricultural land, and swallow up seven old historic villages and dwarf our own Historic Market Towns and suck investment away from Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Horsham and East Grinstead.
  • It’s not smart to pursue a plan that has already been dismissed by a tax payer funded report which concluded; ‘Whilst a New Settlement could be seen as an option to contribute to the housing requirement for the District, the New Settlement Study, it is not considered as a realistic option for the District Plan.
  • It’s not smart for Mayfield Market Towns to be attempting to develop this area, rather than one of 27 sites across the Country which were shortlisted as suitable for a New Market Town? This area was not even one of the 57 sites that were originally identified. [/unordered_list]

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  • MAYFIELD are predatory speculators who seek to impose a massive and inappropriate development on countryside.


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