Enough is enough…

LAMBS is launching a new fund raising campaign with the clear message to Mayfield Market Towns that “enough is enough.”

The new initiative is to counter the “serious threat” still posed by this company’s sustained and repeated attacks on Sussex’s planning process.

Mayfields’ tentacles – “sabotaging planning” across Sussex.

During the past six months Mayfields backed by Peter Freeman of Argent LLP, has submitted formal objections not only to the Mid Sussex and Horsham District Plans, but also to the Lewes, Crawley and Brighton and Hove ones. Last month they made new objections to Horsham’s modified plan (which exactly complies with the Inspector’s recommendations) – they also criticised the Government Planning Inspector, Geoff Salter after he published his findings.

Arundel and South Downs MP, Nick Herbert and Mid Sussex MP, Sir Nicholas Soames have both been outspoken in their criticism of Mayfields’ behaviour.

“This is a serious threat,” says Mr Herbert. “They’re not getting their way through the democratic process, so they are trying to subvert it. I think it is absolutely contemptible.”

LAMBS-Fund-Raising-Letter-thumbLAMBS has pledged to fight for the rights of the local communities by using both people power and its team of professional legal and planning experts.

“Mayfields is sabotaging our local plans,” says LAMBS Fund raiser, Zoe Roos. “But it is clear that despite the obvious injustice of this deeply undemocratic attack, we need to dig deeper into our pockets. The LAMBS committee is working flat-out, but right now what we need more than anything is to replenish our fighting fund!”

Last year, funded by money raised by the local community, LAMBS provided expert evidence and professional legal support at the Examination of Horsham Plan. The District’s modified plan goes before the Inspector in July and Mid Sussex’s District Plan will be examined in the autumn.

We thank every single one of the hundreds of people who have contributed so far,” says Zoe. “But, unless we are able to take the campaign through to a successful conclusion then all our efforts and money will have been wasted!”

*To ensure the whole county is made aware of the situation, LAMBS is asking all its supporters to forward this message to five of their friends and neighbours. The attached fundraising leaflet will be distributed widely to local areas over the next few weeks. If you are able to help with the distribution please do get in touch.

[box style=”rounded” border=”full” icon=”https://lambs.org.uk/stem/wp-content/uploads/download-arrow-1.jpg”]Download fundraising letter.[/box]


Donating is secure and easy:



To pay by post:
Please make your cheque out to: LAMBS Org
Suite 204
33 Queen Street
RH13 5AA

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To pay on-line:
NatWest Bank
Sort code: 53 50 39
Acc No: 55355846



Fundraising letter stuff
To ensure the whole county is made aware of the situation, LAMBS is asking all its supporters to forward this letter  to five of their friends and neighbours.

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  1. Barbara Duggan

    Perhaps Downing Street should be sent the link to LAMBs website as local democracy is being undermined. Greater people than Lord Taylor of Goss Moor have resigned from government. Its about time Mayfield come clean about why they want to build a new town. Is it just the money? Are they thinking about possible oil revenue? Or is it that some one in the area has upset them. Perhaps LAMBs should put in planning permission on these money grabbers own property.

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