Council says NO to providing for 1,715 homes every year for the next 10 years

The Government announced last week that it was consulting on proposals to reform the planning system in England. Unless the proposal is changed it would oblige Horsham District Council to almost double the number of homes from the current Government minimum target of 920 homes to 1,715 homes a year.

Horsham District Council have issued a press release asking for the public to vote as to whether they agree or disagree with their views on the proposed house build numbers, and secondly to give them your views to help them respond to the Government’s consultation on proposals to reform the planning system in England.

HDC have said:

“The Council fundamentally disagrees with the proposed increase in house build numbers because it does not believe that the house building industry can deliver 1,715 homes a year. It is difficult enough already to find land that has few constraints for development and to absorb 1,715 homes every year would make that task virtually impossible.”

We are asking all LAMBS supporters to:

  • Vote and provide Horsham District Council with your views by using the link found within the press release (link below).
  • We also urge you to write to your local MP. You can find and directly message your MP here:

LAMBS & Horsham District Council are not currently aware of what affect any reforms to the planning system will have on the Horsham District Local Plan, but we will keep you informed as more information becomes available.

HDC press release:,715-homes-every-year-for-the-next-10-years?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialSignIn

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  1. christine Dean

    I am very alarmed bythe Goverments threat to “Build build build ” and i have lived in Sussex for manyyears and have seen much countryside spoilt by endless building. The numbers suggested to Horsham I s entirely out of proportion.. The proposals by Mayfield were shocking and now these numbers are quite appalling.. Are we to lose all our green patches ? Loss of habitat for animals and birds is disaster . I am absolutely against this suggested building horror
    Christine Dean Rose cottage BN69JY

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