A Rural Revolution

Mayfields has been dealt a series of seismic blows this week in the form of a relentless barrage of deeply damaging National… and even International media coverage.

A rural revolution is now gathering pace after local land owner, Robert Worsley went public over his decision to turn down Mayfields’ millions to protect our countryside.
He was offered millions of pounds for his 550 acre farm but refused the money saying;

We are seeing lovely rural Sussex being eroded away by ever increasing sizes of development.”

Robert Worsley said no amount of money could persuade him to sell his land to the developers.
Robert Worsley said no amount of money could persuade him to sell his land to the developers.


But Robert is not alone… he is just one of 200 land owners in the area who have said they will not deal with Mayfields – The Telegraph will be publishing a feature on some more of these countryside heroes this weekend.

The combined acreage of their land is 4,300 acres, “Not for sale!”

The Mail will be telling Robert’s story in a 2,000 word in-depth article to be published within the next few days – he is keen to stress that he is not the only land owner to have chosen countryside over riches. LAMBS would like to thank every single land owner large and small who has rejected this unscrupulous company.[hr]

Here is just a sample of this week’s press:

BBC2 – Chris Evans Breakfast Show: Chris talks to farmer Robert Worsley.

The Independent: Farmer rejects £275m from developers for his Sussex land in fight against building sprawl on green areas.

Sunday Times: Farmer snubs £275m windfall in fight against new-town plan.

MailOnLine: Would you give up £275m to save your village? West Sussex farmer has done something so selfless and noble he has become a hero for Middle England.

Daily Mail: Country bumpkin’ farmer who turned down £275MILLION from developers for his land says ‘We are being bullied, but we are not afraid to stand up to them.

West Sussex County Times: Twineham farmer explains £275million land sale refusal.

Mirror: Sussex farmer turns down £275m offer for land to protect his area from new town developers.

BBC News: Farmer Robert Worsley turns down developers’ £275m.

Farmers Weekly: Farmer rejects £275m bid for his 220ha farm’ £275m.

Video – West Sussex County Times: VIDEO: More support for Twineham farmer who refused to sell land

Mid Sussex Times: Twineham farmer explains £275million land sale refusal

The beautiful Sussex Prairie Gardens is another example of a principled land owner who has turned Mayfields away.

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