Why is LAMBS Opposed to
Mayfield Market Town?

Destruction of the Sussex Weald

Mayfield Market Town will destroy thousands of acres of pristine countryside in the Sussex Weald, exterminating vital local habitats. The proposed new town slices through the world-renowned views of Devil’s Dyke. It will destroy a key part of the Sussex countryside forever.

Impact on Local Communities

Mayfield Market Town will destroy the rural setting and way of life for all surrounding communities. The local economy will be impacted by the loss of several tourist sites. The inherent value of the land and its amenities, for local residents and the wider Sussex community, will be lost forever.

Unwanted & Unsustainable

Mayfield Market town has been rejected by our local MPs, Parish & District Councils and local residents, and was deemed “unsustainable” by a Planning Inspector in March 2018. The area has inadequate infrastructure for a development of this size, and no train station.

Welcome to LAMBS: Locals Against Mayfield Building Sprawl

Locals Against Mayfield Building Sprawl is an action group set up to stop Mayfield Market Town’s proposal for a new development of 7,000-10,000 houses in pristine Sussex countryside. We consist of residents who live and work in the Albourne, Shermanbury, Woodmancote and Wineham area, which is being pushed by Mayfield Market Towns Limited (Mayfield) as being suitable for their proposed new town.  We all strongly believe that the area is completely unsuitable for the proposed development, and are promoting this view to all local residents and the wider community.

What are People Saying about Mayfield?

Nick Herbert
Arundel & South Downs MP
This is a serious threat. Mayfield is behaving appallingly in trying to undermine Mid Sussex’s District Plan, which they effectively hope to get over-turned. They’re not getting their way through the democratic process, so they’re trying to subvert it. I think that is absolutely contemptible.
Sir Nicholas Soames
Mid Sussex MP
Mayfield has attempted to threaten the district council into compliance with the scheme. When that failed, it has continued to place obstacles in the way of the plan’s passage. That is all thoroughly unhelpful and disruptive…
Anthony Watts Williams
LAMBS founder
How could anyone build a town of some 10,000 homes in an area that has no infrastructure, no jobs, is prone to flooding and is miles away from a railway station?

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