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Why are LAMBS mounting opposition to the proposal?

Mayfield Market Towns Limited seem to wish to ignore the existence of strong local communities in Hustpierpoint, Sayers Common, Henfield, Albourne, Twineham, Wineham, Blackstone and Shermanbury, all of which would all either have the life blood sucked out them or be swallowed up all together.

We have all lived and worked in this part of West Sussex for many years, and some of us were born in the area. As Mayfield point out, we are not in the National Park, but that does not mean that it is not a beautiful area, with abundant wildlife, ancient churches and buildings; and a thriving equestrian tradition, all of which would be destroyed by any of Mayfield’s proposals.

We feel our cause is a just one, and probably unique, in that it seems to be unanimously accepted that this proposal is simply wrong.

District Councils, Parish Councils, MP’s, The Campaign to Protect Rural England and all local people we have spoken to are against it. This has been made clear to Mayfield but they simply ignore this.

We do not oppose development, we are in favour of sustainable development that encourages growth and prosperity in towns and villages. As everyone locally knows, the High Streets in Henfield and Hurstpierpoint are struggling to survive; what does Mayfield feel their new ‘High Street’, which will be within a couple of miles of both of these villages, will do to those communities?

Burgess Hill Town Centre needs tens of millions of pounds of investment, as does Haywards Heath, why should development money go to concreting over beautiful countryside, rather than improving and expanding our present towns, which already have the rail and road links needed for the modern environment, turning them into genuinely sustainable communities?

Bolnore Village has been built and is continuing to be built on the outskirts of Haywards Heath, a far, far smaller project than Mayfield but created with grand designs of a self contained Village. The shops there have nearly all closed, and all that is left are houses and a school; everyone else leaves the place to work elsewhere, the roads are jammed in the mornings and evenings with people trying to leave and get home. Mayfield, if built, will be the doomsday version of Bolnore Village, without Bolnore Village’s proximity to Haywards Heath and its railway Station!

We would be very pleased to hear from anyone who has a view on the Mayfield project. All views are welcome and please do signup to the E-LAMB Newsletter to keep ahead of events.

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