Mayfield slice and dice Sussex

Mayfields Slice and Dice Sussex

Mayfield Market towns has now submitted its representations to Horsham District Council, rubbishing the District Plan and pushing for a huge increase in housing numbers.

This Representation shows no respect for local democracy, for the natural environment or for the feelings and opinions of local people.


Horsham – Report 5 Appendices (part 2) Page 14. Click on plan to enlarge.

The main 64 page document is accompanied by a mountain of letters and Appendices which are largely theoretical models drawn up by remote planners with little or no true knowledge of the local area.

One report proposes closing the Sayers Common junction and upgrading the Albourne one; and another keeps the junction open and renames Sayers Common the ‘new “Sayers”’ with a population of around 3,000.

West Sussex County Times

Click on West Sussex County Times article to enlarge.

Due to Mid Sussex Council’s determination not to engage, Mayfields has developed a further scheme for a stand-alone settlement at Wineham. This is a re-hash of ‘Option 1’ with a new main access road carving up miles of open countryside to link it with the A23. Alternatively, another report suggests creating a monster access route through Albourne to cater for the all the extra traffic generated.

The Park and Ride is also fluid – in one map it is marked at the top of Hickstead Lane and in another it is located behind the Little Chef on the opposite side of the A23.

Mayfields doesn’t care where it builds and its Directors are prepared to say anything and go to great lengths to get their way. The Horsham Postcard campaign proved this point – cruelly convincing worried residents in North Horsham that if they supported the new town they would win a reprieve from plans to build there. The high housing numbers in Mayfields’ Representation demonstrates how dishonest and misleading this was.

We have posted Mayfields main Representation, here along with links to the Appendices below:

Additional documentation can be found on the Mayfields website here.

Please leave us your comments below.  We really can stop thousands of acres of beautiful countryside from being destroyed but we need everyone to take action now by writing to your local newspaper or the County Times.

Write to the COUNTY TIMES today at and let them know what you think of Mayfields plans.

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