Mayfield has used our generation in its campaign….

it is time for us to answer back!

Five Mid Sussex teenagers have taken the campaign against Mayfield Market Towns to Downing Street.

Yesterday (Wednesday) they delivered their message to the Prime Minister in the form of a unique Christmas card. It read: ‘Protect our Countryside’ and was signed by nearly 200 youngsters who are angry at the prospect of seeing the countryside they grew up in being needlessly destroyed.

Five Mid Sussex teenagers have taken the campaign against Mayfield Market Towns to Downing Street.
Pictured left to right: Nick Herbert, Jasmin Watson, 19; Imogen Watson, 15; Holly Richardson, 15; Isabel Widdowson, 16; Camilla Ryan, 15 and Nicholas Soames

They were accompanied to Number 10 by their two MPs, Nick Herbert and Nicholas Soames, both of whom energetically support the campaign against Mayfield’s proposals for a new town between Henfield and Sayers Common.[button link=”” size=”large” style=”info” bg_color=”#ffffff” text=”dark” window=”yes”]Letter to David Cameron[/button]
“All the young people who signed our petition agree with us,” said 15 year old Isabel Widdowson from Hassocks. “It is inappropriate to build on this land… We must cherish this land.”

“There are plenty of other places for us to live in as the younger generation. I feel that our countryside is as important, if not more important and we must protect it because once it is gone, it’s gone. We feel that more effort could be put into building on Brownfield sites rather than ruining the countryside.”

Caption here.
The girls gave interviews to to BBC South Today and BBC Radio Sussex.

The teenagers, who range in age from 15 to 19, are hoping that their voices will be heard, and they have vowed to keep campaigning until the countryside is safe for future generations.
Fight against ‘New Town’ goes to No.10:[button link=”″ size=”large” style=”info” bg_color=”#ffffff” text=”dark” window=”yes”]Mid Sussex Times[/button]

“Mayfield has used our generation in its new town campaign” said Jasmin Watson, 19 from Twineham, “They say they are building these houses for us, so we feel that it is time for us to answer back. We don’t want the countryside sacrificed in our name… there are other options. There are hundreds of thousands of empty properties in the uk- surely we should be utilizing those and regenerating existing towns and cities.”

Holly Richardson, 15 from Burgess Hill agrees: “We think Mayfield should be rebuilding struggling town centres because lots of shops are having to close. We feel that if they rebuild there then we will be able to enjoy the towns that already exist.”

Interview with BBC Radio Sussex.

Holly Richardson on Mayfield Market Towns.



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