“Biased” Opinion Poll Warning

Unwanted call from mayfield market town

Mayfield Market Towns has commissioned Ipsos Mori to carry out a housing Opinion Poll in the Horsham and Mid Sussex Districts.

This week, LAMBS has been contacted by a number of local residents who say this survey contains many misleading questions.

According to one resident, two of the questions are: “Do you agree more homes are needed for your children?” and “Do you agree more jobs are needed in the District?”

Another resident has reported a question about “job creation as a result of a new market town” and said she felt that “the questions were worded in a potentially misleading way”.

And another told us: “I had that survey. Got quite cross because there was no way you could answer the questions unless it came out in their favour! Could only say’ neither agree or disagree on most of them but was able to say an emphatic ‘no’ to the town! It would still all lead to infill anyway…”

LAMBS contacted Mayfield Market Towns to request a copy of the survey and were given this reply:

Since we are mid-way through fieldwork, we have a policy of not disclosing the details of this survey, including what or who it is for.

Meeting Place Communications works for all kinds of developers across Sussex and, should our client decide to publish the results, the questions will be made public.

I hope you can understand that this survey is designed to be informative and non-biased, therefore we cannot allow anything to happen that could shape opinion in any way”.

Founder of LAMBS, Anthony Watts Williams is warning local people “to be under no illusion” about the survey.

This telephone poll has been commissioned by Mayfields; it is in no way independent research,” he says. “This survey has cost thousands of pounds – it is all about getting the right answers. If they get the wrong answers then they simply won’t publish.”

Anna Sabine is a director of Meeting Place Communications.
Anna Sabine is a director of Meeting Place Communications.

LAMBS is now warning all local people to be wary of telephone calls purporting to be on behalf of Meeting Place Communications, which is the name of Mayfield Market Towns’ PR department.


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  1. Frank Wright

    Typically amoral behaviour. It does rather demonstrate the level of organisation and deviousness of the new town campaign and points up the need to consider the tactics required in opposition. The business about misleading information seems to work in only one direction at the moment.

  2. J Springs

    In defence of house builders, most are honest, hard working people, offering a necessary service.

    Mayfield Market Towns is a pittiful minority – a small group of inner city regeneration boys who want to try their hand at new homes on greenfield. They haven’t done anything like this before and are happy to damage the reputation of the house buildilng industry as a whole by their maveric and (perhaps greedy?) actions.

    Mayfield’s ridiculous and unprofessional behaviour is atypical. Why would anyone want to be associated with them? …Apart from the obvious people with ££ signs in their eyes and their paws in the honey pot… ahem… Lord Taylor of Gross Moor…? Anna Sabine? Lord Borwick….? Why would you want to damage your own name and reputation by association???? … ok scrap the Lord Borwick association – I think his past demonstrates desperaton for money… but as for the rest of you…?? Shame.

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