Escape from Neverland and Dance into the Wyrd


Nils Visser

Nils Visser is backing the LAMBS campaign.


The LAMBS campaign has generated support from far and wide. Author, Nils Visser contacted our Mayfields Protest Facebook page to offer the campaign 50% of the proceeds from his second book, Dance into The Wyrd.

Nils’ books should resonate with anyone who loves Sussex and is frustrated by the rate at which our countryside is being eaten up in the name of progress. The first two chapters of both books in the Wyrd Woods series can be downloaded below and both these books are available to purchase in hardback  from GoodReads.

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Both books are set in the Sussex Weald where beautiful woodland steeped in ancient history and magic are under threat from a wicked constriction company.

Escape from Neverland and Dance into the Wyrd form a two part series about the ‘Wyrde Woods’, a woodlands setting in the Sussex Weald. The genre is Magical Realism. The setting is fictional but parts of it may seem familiar. The splendour of a bluebell carpet. The dance of swallows over wheat fields. The song of a nightingale on a warm summer’s eve, the chittering of playful badger cubs and, of course, a pook or two.

Enter Wenn Twyner, one of the unwanted, the refuse of modern society, who escapes an urban nightmare to find solace in the timeless Wyrde Woods. Add a handful of quaint locals who seem to have stepped out of another century as well as a diverse local community prepared to defend the rich natural bounty of Sussex against a Medusa of co-operate interests intent on its destruction for a quick profit and our tale can begin.

Escape from Neverland has a strong ‘finding home’ theme. Dance into the Wyrd concerns the possible destruction of that home and the decision to defend it at all costs, come what may. Both books are available as E-Book on Kindle but also as paperback. It has no shelf-presence as of yet but can be ordered from most major retailers but also your local independent bookstore, and the latter deserve all the support they can get.

In order to walk his talk, the author has pledged 50% of his royalties for Escape from Neverland to a barn owl sanctuary and 50% of his royalties for Dance into the Wyrd to LAMBS for their work in opposing the Mayfields building plans in Sussex.

Download sample chapters: ESCAPE FROM NEVERLAND

Download sample chapters: THE WYRD

Both books are available as E-Book on Kindle but also as paperback.GoodReads.

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