Mayfields Murky Plan

Mayfields ‘Murky Plan’ – how close are you? The new area being targeted by this unscrupulous company has just been published in detail – how close are you? The area now covered by Mayfield Market Towns (MMT) proposal for a new settlement has been published […]

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Murky Waters

The dark cloud of Mayfield Market Towns has returned this week unleashing a wave of fury from our MPs and some shocking stories of subterfuge, skullduggery and subversion of our democracy. LAMBS has been investigating on your behalf and uncovered a new wave of unscrupulous […]

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Mendacious propaganda

An aggressive PR campaign by the thwarted property company, Mayfield Market Towns (MMT) has been described as “mendacious propaganda” by Mid Sussex MP, Sir Nicholas Soames. MMT’s campaign has included a series of paid adverts in local newspapers and a stream of intimidating letters to […]

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